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Friday, December 17, 2010

waiting...and praying...

I sit here on a Friday nite, reading beth's blog, worried, thankful and prayerful.  Got a phone call about an hour ago from Jaime, Sam's dad.  They are up in Spotsy with 'the cousins' (Ginger 's {Jaime's new wife}) and Sam loves going up there.  Anyway, Jaime called, immediately I knew something was wrong.  Thankfully, Jaime stays calm when giving bad news to me, probably because he know I'm a reactor.  Anyway, he begins to tell me about a football game, a huge tackle by a huge cousin, throwing up, hospital visit, etc...(Of course, my stomach is in knots.)  They think concussion, but here, talk to Sam, he really is fine.

Sam assures me he is fine, no mama, don't drive up here.  I will give you tons of hugs when I see you next...

An update call (thankfully Jaime is good at updating me), next on the list, a cat or kat scan.  will call back with the results.  Still, no mama, don't come up here, really, I'm fine!

Constantly praying, and as I read beth's blog I read about bo_ __no.  He puts peanut butter in his chili.  I just can't comprehend that. or imagine that. or even try that.  Anyway, Sam and I say prayers every nite and have since he was a baby.  We try to always thank God for something we are thankful for (clean sheets, cats, snow, baseball, etc).  It can be little, big, silly, or serious.  The other thing we do is pray for others we know need prayer.  The Ivans, Pinos, Paces, Dulios to name just a few).  And we keep praying even when it seems the crisis is over or resolved  or whatever. 

Sam does not know Ali Dulio, but he knows she is a little girl who is very sick with cancer who lives in Powhatan.  She has been on the list for months (now, we don't always pray every nite for everyone but we do pray, often, for them).  Anyway, Sam asked, out of the blue, how Ali was doing.  I told him I wasn't sure.  Just the next day, I read that her blood scan came back clean.  That nite when saying prayers I told Sam this.  My child, who is seeing God work in answer to some of his prayers, did a huge fist pump and yelled, YEAH!  I am thankful.

Guess I just felt like writing tonite.  Waiting on the next update from Jaime.  If you read this, add a prayer for Sam, for Ali, Bob, the Ivans and the Paces.  God is not linear, so you can pray forward, backward or present.  He just wants to hear from you.  thanks for listening.  I know following my divergent, add rambling is not easy, but thanks

an update, Sam is ok.  even though all his symptoms screamed concussion, the cat scan was fine.  Thank You God!!!!


  1. Praying for Sam and for you. Some of the things you were doing for Sam, this evening, were hard even before the scare.

  2. I love the bracelet in your header.
    Be blessed to be a blessing


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