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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

It's been a while...

so, it's been a while since I've blogged.  why, well first, writing is not easy for me or even something I like to do.  don't even know if I do it well.  (btw, my son HATES that I use lower case letters but there is just something about them.  I also love fonts but there are not many to choose from here).  I digress.  anyway, another reason it is hard for me to blog is because I don't think anyone out there reads this.  I have become addicted to blogs, especially jewelry blogs.  I follow about a hundred and it is hard to keep up.  seriously.  I see so many people reading and commenting on other blogs but...ok, enough whining.

here are a few new designs I created.  Fair Trade Sari Silk and Yarn has become part of my latest and I am liking it.  it is hard to create designs that are not something that you would be drawn to or normally wear.  that is what I am trying to do with the Sari Silk.  and guess what, customers are liking it and making purchases.

speaking of purchases, a friend prayed over me recently as I have been so stressed about money. she approaches God and prayer a little differently than I do but I sure needed the intercession.  God's timing is rarely ours but He is blessing me this month and I am very thankful.  I am also thankful for friends who will pray over, for and despite me!

Combining two pieces, both with Sari Silk and/or yarn. Antique Sterling Silver Plated chain on both pieces.

The purple beaded drop necklace have each bead individually wired wrapped to dangle along each chain link. I used a swirled hook on the side for the clasp. Sari Yarn in mainly purple hues finish the back. I used black Chinese Silk cord to wrap and finish the ends. Matching earrings complete the design.
$35 Necklace
$10 Earrings

The second piece has both Sari Silk and Yarn in the design, finished with the Chinese black Silk cord and pink hemp cord. I through in some Bali Silver beads to accent the silk, yarn and chain. $35

To read more about Fair Trade Sari Silk and Yarn, go to:

This piece has both Sari Silk and Yarn in he design, finished with the Chinese black Silk cord and pink hemp cord. I through in some Bali Silver beads to accent the silk, yarn and chain. $35

Fair Trade Sari Silk and Sari Yarn creates depth to this design. The Silk shimmers a deep blue and/or black, depending on the light. The Yarn has variegated colors but primarily black. I secured them with Chinese Silk Cord to a Sterling Silver Plate chain. To pick up the shimmer of the Silk, I added a few Fire Polish Beads that are beautiful as they catch the light. A silver tone pendant with a midnite black center finishes off the look. $38

hope you like these....I will post more later this week.  love to hear from you. truly!


  1. Love the colours in this piece! I'm actually not sure about google reader myself - I think perhaps if you explore around your blogger and google profiles you'll spot it but I haven't ever used it personally! I sometimes look at 'my blogs' in my blogger profile. And I'm not totally sure what you mean about Wordpress - do you have a Wordpress site as well? I love Wordpress - think the sites look great - but the involve a little top much computer know how for me to have one!

  2. i love lowercase, too. that's all i use!


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