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Thursday, December 29, 2011

decisions for the new year?

I am really interested in branching out more in my jewelry designs...this scares me on several levels.  first, I don't know what I am doing.  I really am interested in working with leather (will show you a little more about that below). 

Second, I really really love artisan silver.  This is handmade sterling silver.  It cost a lot more than I every invest in or use to make my designs.  The upfront cost is high (secret, shhhhh, I already invested a little, ok, maybe a little more than a little).  But, will customers buy?  The cost of my designs will have to go up and I don't really like that.  This is the major scarey part!

Third, can i do it?  I know practically nothing about working with leather.  Is there an interest out there?  Who knows.  Should I find out?

Ok, here is my first piece. Don't be too critical but do let me know your thoughts.  Not just about this design but also about what I wrote about.  Thanks for your input!

I used 3mm black leather with a beautiful scrolled silver focal point on the center piece.  I used large hole silver beads on either side of the focal piece that can slide from end to end, giving a free floating feel.  Tibetan Silver end caps hold the leather together with large hammered silver toggles.  ok, now, what do you think?

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