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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Wow, I am shocked.

Time sure does fly!  Last time I posted anything was September....bet y'all thought I fell off the ends of the earth.  Sitting here watching the superbowl commercials and thought I would post about my new tags and my new bracelet style.  Would love to hear back from you!

MY TAGS!!!!!!!!

I am sooooo excited I can hardly stand myself....I commissioned Mamacita Beadworks to create a tag, unique to ONLY designs by susan! I designed the bead and Mamcita created it for me out of pewter. No one else in the world will have this tag. IT IS MINE FOR MY DESIGNS. Can you tell I'm excited? Because of the cost to me, I am only going to add them to my higher end pieces....Come on, celebrate with me!

Charm Bangle
Can I brag and tell you how incredibly in love with this bracelet I am? OK, I am so in love with it. There, I said it. This bangle is .999 Fine Sterling Silver (better than the .925 of regular Sterling Silver). Then I used 20 gauge Sterling Silver Plate wire to wrap around it and coil at the ends. I wired wrapped Fresh Water Pearls in different shapes, Swarovski Crystals and Glass Pearls. I threw in some other beads to add a little color. So, what do you think? I only purchased 2 of the bangles right now cuz they are a little expensive and want to see what you thought. $45


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  1. I LOVE the bangle! The color makes it pop, for sure! And awww...the dbs tags are sweet!


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