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Friday, September 28, 2012

a quick small challenge for you!

one of the bloggers I follow list 3 things she is thankful for each day. she does what happened that day but I don't want to be limited to that, so, I am going to start today! I challenge you to do they same thing, in your own way. tell your child, husband/wife, best friend, blog it, tweet it, comment on mine, email your friends...or just thank God. hope to hear from you sometime!

 1. clean sheets
2. a job, no matter how hard or difficult the situation
3. my county.

so, are you up for the challenge?


  1. Thankful for
    1. I was able to get out of bed today.
    2. I have an amazing partner I can share with
    3. My Friends and online contacts are amazingly awesome people.
    And a lot more I am thankful for as well.the list is huge.
    Love and hugs

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