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Saturday, September 22, 2012

my cousins designs and mine

my cousin is a designer like myself.  i currently do jewelry, she does handbags.  i would love to one day purchase one of her beautiful designs but can't right now.  each one is created in her mind and has a biblical story behind it that she shares.  i would love for you to check her and her designs out.  this is her link and you won't be sorry: http://www.facebook.com/#!/scarletcloverdesigns.
she encourages me and has invested in some of my designs.  this is what i designed for her so far:
these charms respresent the symbolism of her designs.  each on tells a story.  you should read about them.  this is in sterling silver and slowly but surely, we will add more to it.
she also likes my sari silk designs.  this is the latest thing i made her
and this one.
she wanted a bracelet to match so this is what i created for her today.  shhhh, she hasn't seen it yet.
are you familiar with fair trade and sari silk and sari yarn?  find out about the women who benefit from these purchases to support their families here:
so, i'm writing this blog so you can learn more about heidi bonwell and scarlet clover designs and also, show you a little more about my designs.  oh, and fair trade too!
let me know if you found our face book pages and like us!  we are all three here:



  1. Love the sari silk bracelet, gorgeous design!
    Deb x

  2. thank you. I sorta like it myself and was surprised how well it turned out


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