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Monday, September 10, 2012

give away!

Giveaway Time!!!!!

Finally, it's here! Beginning today, you have one week to try to win this limited edition, collaborative bead set by Genea Beads and (me) Staci Louise of Artisan Accents.
Every set is completely one of a kind. Today, you are entering to win this one............................


  1. I am so very very thrilled about your most generous giveaway. Plz throw my name in the hat. Right now I am having beading withdrawals. The floors in our home have to be replaced and I have had to box all my beads up and like a dunce I didn't leave any out for me to play with while all the work is being done. This job want be complete till around March or later and all our extra cash is going to the house so therefore I can't even buy beads at this time. grrrrrrrr...lol....So I am entering giveaways in hopes of being lucky enough to win some beads . Oh well a girls gotta try right. So bye for now and Happy Beading

  2. wish I was giving it away but I'm not, go to the two links in my post to sign up. good luck!


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