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Sunday, July 18, 2010

speaking the truth with love...

This was taught today at PCC.  It is something I struggle with as I am always about truth, think I always do it with love, but sometimes it doesn't come across that way.  I know intentions aren't the real deal, what is perceived is (and I certainly never liked that! and that was said with love)!  Anyway, go here if you would like to hear this message.

As I was talking to my friend Beth, the blog queen (go here to see what i mean), about what to do with my blog and my business, she made an inspired suggestion, tie my jewelry designs/creations with the Sunday message.  So now I am going to go see what develops.  Check in with you in a few...

...ok, I forgot to mention the scripture we looked at today that speaking the truth with love was based on, 2 John 1-6.  Now, I will go create and get back to you in awhile...

...I'm back and this is what I was inspired to make. 

Can you tell how truth and love are part of this design?  Sterling silver is a soft metal.  This reflects the love you need in speaking the truth, soft and pliable.  It's what I aspire to do, speak the truth but softly, gently and in a less abrasive manner.  The gemstone, Jasper, is hard as a rock.  That is truth to me.  Truth is truth.  You can't change it, but if you surround it with love, you can apply it with gentleness and softness.

This piece is, of course, for sale.  The findings are not sterling but the beads are real sterling silver and the gemstones are real Jasper. (ha, real like truth, I just tickled myself with that one).  Anyway, this is my special for the week.  Let me know if you are interested.  For this week, it is on sale for $22 so hurry.  Hope you enjoyed my ramblings.


  1. Susan, the bracelet is beautiful! Wonderful way to tie scripture to your creations. Seems I might know someone else who does something similar:) Love you sweets. Blog looks great. Keep up the good work.

  2. That turqoise is beautiful and your blog is great.

  3. I. Am. So. Proud. Of. You. Sooooo glad the 'queen' is helping you! She is da' bomb!! I love the new tags, too! :O) Hugs!!!


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