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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Custom Orders

OK, honestly, custom orders are not my fav thing. There, I said it out loud.  Let me tell you why and then why I also love them.  A conundrum, yes?  Anyway, when I have custom orders, I feel that my creative flow is blocked.   A customer wants something specific and there are usually parameters, sometimes a lot, sometimes just 'a flavor' of something.  It is what the customer wants made, not what I want to create.

How does that affect my creativity?  My mind immediately says, crap, I can't just play with beads and ideas I have in my head.  I have to make something that the customer wants, not what I want.  Is that entirely true?  No, and you know why?  Because I get to put a vision that someone loosely gave me into a design I create.  How cool is that.  With all that being said, here are a few of my customer orders I had the privilege to create.  Please let me know your thoughts, especially you creative minds!

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