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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Few Funky Pieces

Trying to get a few designs out of my system in between orders.  I have been so blessed this year with all the support and customers.  Custom Orders are fun and are a big part of my business but sometimes, you just got to get some things out of your system.  Here are a few of them.  Let me know what you think and remember, they can be yours also!  Just let me know.

Teal Blue Sky Necklace

This funky necklace design has great turquoise colors in light and dark hues accented with silver. This is a must have for the spring and summer. Adjustable for any neckline with a Bali Silver clasp to finish it off. $28

Tuxedo Necklace
Silver and black beads make up the funky design. The pictures just can't do the beads justice. Adjustable for any neckline, dress it up or down, it will go great with your outfits. $28

Waves Necklace
The different hues in these blue beads shimmer and shine and highlite the black strategically placed alongside. This necklace is adjustable for your neckline and finished with a Bali silver clasp. $28

Marine Necklace
Silver, green and shimmery hues of color create this design. A great piece for spring/summer and one of the featured colors of 2012. Adjustable neckline and finished with a Bali Silver clasp. $28

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