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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Messy Workshop Blog Hop

I was blog hopping one day and saw this blog hop challenge....take pics of your messy workshop and post to your blog.  I knew this was one I could do, no problem!  So, here is my workshop (though I call it my studio) and I think I should win (there really isn't any prize).  btw, back in Nov. I went on a cruise and a good friend watched my cats and she and her son saw my workshop/studio as a challenge.  They did a great job organziing, yes, it looked a 1000 times worse than this.  Thank you Brandy and Collin!  You did great, but creative minds are just messy, inside and out.  We would rather create than organize/clean.  To tell the truth, the only times my room begins to get organized is when I can't find something I need.  What about you?

So now that you have perused my messy space, please take a look at my facebook page and my other post...then, take a look at these messy workshops!
Remember, it is a blog hop.

Brenda Sue Lansdowne
Robin Delargy:
Kim at Cianci Blue
Jennifer Jazwick-Smith
Mary Shannon Hicks
Tracy Swartz
Jacqueline Marchant
Lynnea Perry Bennett
Terry Matusyk
Laurel Steven
Dr. Brassy Steamington
Pamela Takeshige
Kris Lanae Binsfeld
Outre Art
Linzi Alford
Deb Davis
Tamara Jones
Harry Wood
Gerry Nickerson
Elizabeth Owens-Dwy
Georgene Lockwood
Charisa Sloper
Jennifer Justman
Mary Deis
Cheri Reed
Sondra Kolner
Sonya Ingersoll-Stille
Lori Anderson
Sandra McGriff
Shelly Joyce
Joan Williams
Kashmira Patel
Deb Beechy
Ginger Bishop
Kelli Jacobson
Natalie McKenna
Andrew Thornton
Mary Govaars
Kate Mulligan
Lisa Lodge
Tami Luchini
Monique Lula
Lee Koopman
Jayne Capps
Susan Lloyd
Cynthia Wainscott
Stephanie Amanti
Alicia Marinache
Sam Hamp
Lennis Carrier

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  1. hahahaha...in this, we are the same...

  2. I think we are all the same! So what does the sign say? "..... gather here" And do you still play chutes and ladders? I always loved that game!

  3. I hear ya. I spend way to much time looking for things when everything is tidy at my table. I have to say I love that you have a sign that reads "...gather here" where you have piles. Piles always find each other in my house or they are mysteriously reproducing, so I found it hilarious.

  4. it actually says 'friends gather here' but of course, being a messy person, that part doesn't show. love to paint on old old wood!

  5. All those beads to play with! Can I come over?

  6. Oh Susan, you definitely had a place in this hop, for sure! So glad you participated among all the other artists who shared such happy, creative mess!

    1. thank you! I was excited cuz I knew I could win this one! Too bad, no prize :)

  7. You are so brave, I would never let anyone else "Organize" my messy work space. I know where everything is, I swear. Really, I do...Look, a moldy banana :)~ Brassy

  8. I think I would have to eliminate any of my kids who came over and organized me! I AM organized! I even blogged about that. I do like a bit of chaos. One always stumbles upon a forgotten treasure!

  9. That's definitely a lot of stuff - seems like most of us create this way. Great tour!

  10. That's a lot of mess!, I love it!!!!

  11. Susan, I feel right a home. You are a girl after my own heart! Boy, you have lots of beads. I am jealous! I bet you have fun!!

  12. That 'heap o' beads' on your table makes my fingers itch to dig in lol

  13. I admire your willingness to go vertical - that is one StackTastic workroom you've got there! I felt right at home. :-)

  14. Love your use of floor space . The piles of beads made me want to sort a little, I confess...but what a marvelous mess!!!

  15. Ooo chutes and ladders ;) Love your workspace! I am amazed at how much bins of beads and baubles everyone has. I got small potatoes literally. I better stock up on more B'sue supplies lol!

  16. I love the pile on the blue tray...looks like there is some cool stuff in that stack. I am with you the only time it gets semi organized is when I can't find something. :)

  17. My first comment didn't take - so hopefully the second time will be the charm! I love your workspace! I am coveting all those plastics bins, and all the beady goodness that you have in them. Looks like fun.

  18. LOL Getting organized when you can't find something... that's the OCD in me... You should see my DVD collection - it's completely alphabetized... One day I was looking for a couple of movies I absolutely KNEW I had and couldn't find them with them all mixed up haphazard... so, I entered them all into an Excel spreadsheet and sorted it A-Z and arranged the shelves! LOL I will do the same when I can't find beads that I'm looking for too - time to organize so I can find them! =) But, sadly, it doesn't stay organized for long... LOL Things get pulled out and not put back where they belong! LOL

    Love your mess! YOu have so many goodies there!!! Love all the stacks of your bead boxes!!!

    I really enjoyed the pictures of your Messy Workshop!!! Thank you for sharing your space with us! =)

    1. thank you....had to look for something this weekend and now the space is a little neater though didn't find it :(


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