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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spring Just Keeps Blooming with Colors

I can't stop buying these beads.  They scream to me, make me into a necklace or a bracelet or earrings but, especially, necklaces.  I have been stuck with just keeping it to the great colors of these beads without adding anything else but took a little chance this week.  Gonna get up my courage to play some more with additional designs instead of only the beads.  Glass, mirrored, acrylic, metal...shimmer, shine, glitter and gleam.  The pics just can't do them justice so you'll just have to get you one or two to wear for your spring/summer wardrobe.  No going wrong with these designs!

Mirrored Blue
I am in love with these beads! Shimmery silver over blues, mirrored beads and simple blue and silver create this design. Adjustable length for your neckline with a Bali Silver clasp to finish it off. $28

Silver Ice
 Silver and white create this stunning necklace. Adjustable for your neckline and finished with a Bali Silver Clasp. Love this and it will look great this summer with your outfit! $28

Shout of Spring Bracelet
How could you not want this....beautiful hues of lavender and purple with some opaque white beads setting off the colors. Elastic stretch to fit any wrist. $18

Silver Night
A beautfiul scolled pendant (@1 1/4") dangles in the midst of surrounding silver and black beads. A large link chain finishes off the look! A little extra bling can't hurt anyone, right? $30


  1. Where do you find these big beads? I've been searching for weeks!!!


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